The position of (DP) is established: 1) to review permits for located in the Neighborhood Preservation (NPZ) overlays for compliance with applicable design manuals, and 2) to review proposed , , , architectural features, of proposed , plans, and , as set forth in the .
   A.   Appointment and Qualifications
      1.   Appointment
      The PDSD shall recommend a candidate(s) for the position of DP. The Mayor and Council shall appoint one or more DPs.
      2.   Qualifications
         a.   NPZ Review
         The DP shall be a registered architect, preferably with historic preservation experience.
         b.    Review
         The DP shall be a registered architect or landscape architect.
   B.   Powers and Duties
      1.   Neighborhood Preservation (NPZ) Design Review
      The DP shall review applications for permits for located within adopted NPZs for compliance with the applicable Design Manual and Section 5.10.3, Neighborhood Preservation Design Review Procedure. The DP will forward a written report with findings and recommendation to the PDSD . The shall take into account the recommendations of the DP when considering approval of the application.
      2.   Flexible Lot Development (FLD) Review
      The DP shall review FLD for compliance with, but not limited to:
         a.   Architectural variation, Section 8.7.3.M.1;
         b.    , Section 8.7.3.F.1 & .2;
         c.   Modifications to , Section 8.7.3.L.2;
         d.   Privacy , Section 8.7.3.M.2.b;
         e.   Transition edge treatment, Section 8.7.3.M.2.a;
         f.   Recommendation on FLD Review
         The DP shall forward a written recommendation with findings to the PDSD . The shall consider the DP’s recommendation and render a decision on the FLD.
         g.   Findings for FLD Privacy Plan
         The DP may recommend a if it meets the following findings:
            (1)   Will not be detrimental to public health and safety;
            (2)   Will not impair an adequate supply of light and air to properties; and,
            (3)   Will not create a to surrounding properties.
      3.   Conditions
         a.   NPZ Review
         The DP may recommend conditions on the approval of a permit to ensure that the design of the mitigates the impact of the on the subject .
         b.   FLD Review
         The DP may recommend conditions on the approval of an FLD to ensure that the design of the FLD mitigates the impact of the FLD and provides suitable transitions to the existing residential .
      4.   Conflict of Interest
      The DP shall not render professional services under this section on any if the DP’s judgment could be affected by responsibilities to, or interest in another or or by the DP’s own interests. The DP shall comply with City of Tucson Administrative Directive 2.02-14 and Policy 282, Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Officers and Employees.
      5.   Other Responsibilities
      The DP shall perform such other functions as may be required by the . Additionally, the PDSD may request other design assistance and recommendations as needed in implementing the .