A.   Creation
         A sign design review committee is hereby created to assist the Mayor and Council, the Planning Commission, and the Planning and Development Services by advising on sign standard text amendments and design option applications permitted by Section 7A.7 Sign Design Options.
      B.   Authority
         The sign design review committee shall advise the Mayor and Council and the Planning Commission on sign text amendments. It shall also act as the design review committee for Section 7A.7 Sign Design Options and advise the Planning and Development Services on various design option applications.
      C.   Composition
         The committee shall be composed of the following nine members who shall serve without compensation.  Members shall include an architect, an Outdoor Lighting Committee representative, a sign industry representative, a local business representative, a planner (architect, planner or landscape architect), portable sign expert (e.g. commercial real estate broker), one at-large appointment by the City Manager, general representative, and an ad hoc representative appointed by a within 300 feet of the location of the subject property submitting the application. The City Manager may appoint a professional or stakeholder with a similar background and/or experience to the above listed committee members.
      D.   Appointment and Terms
         1.   Appointment
            The members shall be appointed by the City Manager.
         2.   Terms
            City Manager shall appoint a member for a four-year term.  After two terms the member shall be replaced.  A former member may return after a one-year hiatus from the committee.
         3.   City Employees, Elected Officials Excluded
            No member of the committee may be a employee or hold a elective office.
      E.   Vacancies
         Vacancies on the committee shall be filled by appointment in the same manner in which members are initially appointed.
      F.   Removal
         Removal of the members shall be done by the City Manager.
      G.   Sign Text Amendment Meeting
         The committee shall have meetings as needed to discuss sign standard text amendments and make recommendations to the Planning Commission.  Along with the Planning Commission recommendation, the committee's recommendation shall be forwarded to the Mayor and Council.
      H.   Design Review Meeting
         1.   The applicant may ask for a pre-application meeting with the committee to receive input on the proposal. 
         2.   When the applicant requests a meeting on the application, the committee may continue a case one time. 
         3.   The applicant will present the proposal.  The committee will review the application in accordance with the applicable provisions of Section 7A.7Sign Design Options.
         4.   The applicant may ask for additional continuances.
         5.   After reviewing the case, the committee shall make a recommendation of approval, approval with conditions or denial to the planning and development services .
      I.   Quorum
         A quorum for a meeting shall be 50% of those members seated. If for any reason the City Manager has not appointed the members of the committee or a quorum is not obtained for a particular application, the may request that the make a recommendation directly to the PDSD .
      J.   Administrative Procedures
         1.   City Manager
            The City Manager shall ensure that all departments and under his authority shall cooperate in providing assistance and data to the sign design review committee.
         2.   Executive Secretary
            The zoning administrator or designee shall serve as executive secretary to the committee.
         3.   Chairperson and Other Officers
            The committee shall elect a chairperson and vice-chairperson and such other officers as it may deem necessary from its members. The terms of chairperson, vice-chairperson and other officers shall be for one year subject to one additional term of one year.
(Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017; Am. Ord. 11803, 12/8/2020)