4.9.11.  USE GROUP
   A.   Distribution System
      1.   The of the facility, including walls or equipment, shall be 20 feet from any residential .
      2.   Where a facility is not within a , the surrounding shall be used as the wall for the purposes of .
      3.   The of the facility, including walls or equipment, shall be 200 feet from any existing residential . This may be varied in accordance with Sections 3.10.1 and 3.10.3, Board of Adjustment Variance Procedure.
      4.   Where a water tower more than 20 feet in height is used in conjunction with such facilities, its center shall be located a distance from any equal to not less than one-half its height.
      5.   The use shall not have any service or storage yards.
      6.   Noise emission at the shall be equivalent to the residential requirements of the noise ordinance.
      7.   No TVI (television interference) or RIV (radio interference) on a continuous basis shall be permitted.
      8.   Any housing such facility shall be in keeping with the character of the in which it is located. The Design Review Board (DRB) shall review all applications and make recommendations to the Zoning Examiner. The DRB shall review architectural style, elevations, materials on exterior facades, color schemes, new mechanical equipment locations, lighting of outdoor areas, window locations and types, screening, , , and other contributing design features.
      9.   The use shall be located wholly within an or within an area on all sides with a masonry wall or compact evergreen hedge, not less than six feet, nor more than ten feet, in .
      10.   The use shall include a ten foot high wall in an earth tone and vegetative where to a residential .
      11.   The use shall be limited to water pumping and storage facilities, telephone exchanges, and power substations with an input voltage of no greater than 138 kilovolts.
   B.   Renewable Energy Generation
      1.   Requires approval in accordance with Section 3.3.4, 100' Notice Procedure.
      2.   The of the facility, including walls or equipment, shall be 20 feet from any residential .
      3.   All activities shall be conducted in with the following use specific standards.
         a.   Noise
         The sound level of any individual operation shall not exceed the levels permitted in Section 16-31, Excessive Noise, of the Tucson Code.
         b.   Smoke
         Smoke emission from any source is not permitted to exceed a greater than that described as No. 1 on the Ringleman Chart. However, smoke may be emitted which is equal to, but not darker than, No. 2 on the Ringleman Chart for not more than four minutes in any 30-minute period. For the purpose of the of smoke, the Ringleman Chart, as published by the U.S. Bureau of Mines, is the standard.
         c.   Glare or Heat
         Any activity producing intense glare or heat shall not be performed in such a manner as to create a or hazard beyond the of the .
         d.   Odors
         Emission of odorous gases or other odorous matter is not permitted in such quantities as to be offensive to owners or occupants of property or in such a manner as to create a or hazard beyond the of the .
         e.   Vibration
         Vibration discernible beyond the of the is prohibited.
         f.   Fly Ash, Dust, Fumes, Vapors, Gases, and Other Forms of Air Pollution
         Emissions that can cause damage to health, , vegetation or other forms of property or that can cause any excessive soiling of the air per or guidelines is prohibited.
         g.   Liquids and Solid Waste
         Waste shall not be discharged into the , drainage ways, or on property possibly creating a danger to the public health and safety, and no waste shall be discharged in the public sewage system that might endanger the normal operation of the public sewage system.
         h.   Illumination
         Illumination of and open areas shall be located and directed so as to eliminate glare toward and properties and shall comply with the requirements of the Outdoor Lighting Code in Chapter 6 of the Tucson Code.
         i.   Interference
         TVI (television interference) or RIV (radio interference) that emanates from the is prohibited.
      4.   A service or storage yard is prohibited.
      5.   In addition to the requirements of Section 7.6, and Screening, there shall be a decorative masonry wall at least six feet in between the and any residential .
   C.   Sanitation System
   Uses shall be at least 300 feet from any nonindustrial , except where the use of the non-industrially zoned property is railroad or freeway .
(Am. Ord. 11732, 2/19/2020)