A.   Golf Course
      1.   Standards for Permitted and Special Exception
         a.   At least nine holes are required.
         b.   There must be at least 75 feet between a tee and its hole.
         c.   A tee and cup must be at least 100 feet from any .
         d.   A driving range shall be placed so that flying balls are directed toward the interior of the .
         e.   Subject to lighting requirements, Section 4.9.13.C, Lighting.
         f.   Activities may occur outdoors.
      2.   Standards for to Golf Courses
         a.    Service
            (1)   Permitted only as part of, and in conjunction with, a Food Service use. All requirements for dispensing listed for Food Service, Section 4.9.6.A.2.b, apply.
            (2)   The Service area may not have a separate outside entrance. Access shall be through the Food Service use area.
            (3)   Large bars are not permitted.
         b.   Food Service
            (1)   The Food Service establishment shall have facilities for keeping, cooking, and preparing foods for .
            (2)   Food Service establishments with at least 75 seats for dining at regularly available tables may operate a cocktail lounge or bar to sell all spirituous liquors for on-premises consumption.
            (3)   Soup kitchens are not permitted.
         c.   Personal Service and General Merchandise Sales
            (1)   Personal Service and General Merchandise Sales shall be integrated into the main associated with the , such as a clubhouse or registration office. Access shall be from within such main .
            (2)   No sign associated with the Personal Service or General Merchandise Sales shall be visible from the exterior of the .
            (3)   General Merchandise Sales shall be limited to the sale of items related to the only.
         d.   In addition to Section 4.9.6.A.2.a, .b, and .c, the following requirements apply.
            (1)   The minimum distance to any public shall be 100 feet.
            (2)   Outside entrances shall not face any public .
            (3)   The use is operated for the convenience of the users of the Golf Course.