3.4.5.   FINDINGS
   A.   Findings for all PDSD and Zoning Examiner Special Exceptions
   To grant a special exception the PDSD and the Zoning Examiner must find that the requested special exception:
      1.   Meets the standard expressly applied by all adopted by all codes and regulations for that type of or for the class applicable to the proposed use;
      2.   Does not adversely affect or the surrounding neighborhood or that such adverse effects can be substantially mitigated through the use of additional conditions as provided in Section 3.4.6;
      3.   Provides for adequate and efficient vehicular and pedestrian access and circulation and vehicular parking;
      4.   Can be adequately and efficiently served by public facilities and services, such as water, storm water drainage, fire and police protection, and solid and liquid waste disposal and/or collection as may be required by the various public and private agencies; and,
      5.   Complies with the and any applicable sub-regional, area, or neighborhood plan.