General Nuisances
   91.001   Offensive pens, stables, and animal keeping places
   91.002   Noxious manure or privy contents
   91.003   Offensive cellars, pools, grounds, and similar structures
   91.004   Nauseous liquors and substances
   91.005   Deposits of animal or vegetable matter and carcasses
   91.006   Removal of nauseous substances in offensive manner
   91.007   Discovery by village police officer or Trustee
   91.008   Deposit of substances in wells and cisterns
   91.009   Slaughtering and rendering establishments
   91.010   Broken sidewalks
   91.011   Unsafe scaffolds
   91.012   Obstruction of streets and sidewalks
   91.013   Unsafe buildings or structures
   91.014   Buildings and structures under construction
Abatement Procedure
   91.030   Court order following conviction
   91.031   Failure to abate
   91.032   Abatement by village
Public Nuisances
   91.045   General provisions
   91.046   Nuisances prohibited
   91.047   Filing complaints; inspections
   91.048   Notice and failure to abate
   91.049   Cost of abatement as a lien
Excessive Noise
   91.060   Definitions
   91.061   Applicability
   91.062   Specific prohibition
   91.063   Exemptions
   91.064   Permitting of events
   91.065   Presumption of accountability
Burning Regulations
   91.080   Outdoor fires and open burning
   91.081   Burning of leaves and other landscape waste
   91.082   Burning seasoned wood
   91.083   Cooking food outdoors
   91.084   Violation
   91.085   Burning combustible material prohibited
   91.086   Village Public Works Department exempt
   91.999   Penalty