Permit Fees
1313.01   Permit fees generally.
1313.02   Fees to be additive.
1313.03   New construction and additions.
1313.04   Determining construction costs/valuation.
1313.05   Permit fees for buildings and structures.
1313.06   Plans review fee.
1313.07   Requested inspection fee.
1313.08   Investigation charge of illegal or unauthorized work.
1313.09   Demolition fee.
1313.10   Certificate of occupancy/temporary certificate of occupancy.
1313.11   Signs and outdoor advertising display.
1313.12   Swimming pools.
1313.13   Moving buildings over public street or alley.
1313.14   Electric permit fees.
1313.15   Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation permit fees.
1313.16   Fire detection/suppression permit fees.
1313.17   Reinspection fee.
1313.18   Engineering plan review and inspection fees for commercial and industrial properties and public improvements.
Appeal filing fee - see BLDG. 1315.10
Contractor licensing fees - see BLDG. 1327.06(b)
Plumbing permits and fees - see BLDG. Ch. 1369