General Provisions
   130.001   Meanings of words and phrases
   130.002   Criminal code adopted
General Offenses
   130.015   Abusing police officer
   130.016   Resisting and/or impersonating an officer
   130.017   Disturbing lawful assemblies
   130.018   Unlawful assembly
   130.019   Disturbing the peace
   130.020   Barbed wire and electric fences
   130.021   Admission fees; fraudulently avoiding payment of
   130.022   Cigarettes or tobacco; sale of to minors
   130.023   Conduct in public places
   130.024   Aid in escape
   130.025   Escapes
   130.026   False pretenses
   130.027   Renting premises for unlawful purposes
   130.028   Aid to an offense
   130.029   Posting bills
   130.030   Intoxication in public
   130.031   Concealed weapons
   130.032   Discharge of firearms or bow and arrow
   130.033   Games in street
   130.034   Storage of explosives
   130.035   Throwing rocks and the like
   130.036   Destruction of public property
   130.037   Fortune telling and the like
   130.038   Discarded refrigerators
   130.039   Fireworks regulations
   130.040   Curfew
   130.041   Halloween
   130.042   Disobeying a police officer
   130.043   Possession of drug paraphernalia
   130.044   Aggressive begging
   130.045   Harassment through electronic communications
Sexual Offenses
   130.055   Nudity in public places
   130.056   Public indecency
   130.057   Obscenity
   130.058   Harmful material
   130.059   Tie-in sales of obscene publications to distributors
Bodily Harm
   130.070   Assault
   130.071   Aggravated assault
   130.072   Battery
   130.073   Criminal housing management
   130.074   Tattooing body of minor
Offenses Against Property
   130.085   Petty theft
   130.086   Theft of labor or services
   130.087   Deceptive altering or sale of coins
   130.088   Criminal damage to property
   130.089   Criminal damage to firefighting apparatus, hydrants or equipment
   130.090   Criminal trespass to land
   130.091   Injuring utility wires and poles
   130.092   Street signs; molesting of prohibited
Public Health, Safety and Decency
   130.105   Unlawful use of weapons
   130.106   Unlawful sale of firearms
   130.107   Unlawful possession of firearms and firearm ammunition
   130.108   Register of sales by dealer of weapons
   130.109   Defacing identification marks of firearms
   130.110   Mob action
   130.111   Disorderly conduct; elements of the offense
   130.112   Gambling
   130.113   Resisting or obstructing a peace officer
   130.114   Refusing to aid an officer
   130.115   Assembling at public places and businesses
   130.116   Litter regulations
   130.117   Firearms on village property
   130.118   Possession, use and/or delivery of cannabis and/or other illegal substances
   130.119   Drug paraphernalia
   130.130   Definitions
   130.131   Littering prohibited
   130.132   Prevention of scattering
   130.133   Upsetting or tampering with receptacles
   130.134   Sidewalks and alleys to be kept free from litter
   130.135   Owner to maintain private premises
   130.136   Littering from vehicles
   130.137   Littering from aircraft
   130.138   Litter in parks
   130.139   Handbills
   130.140   Posting notices prohibited
   130.141   Construction sites
   130.142   Loading and unloading docks
   130.143   Parking lots
   130.144   Clearing of litter from open private property by the village
   130.155   Trespass prohibited
   130.156   Specifically enumerated trespasses; suppression
Parental Responsibility Regulations
   130.170   Definitions
   130.171   Parents and guardians responsible for acts
Runaway Children
   130.185   Runaway child defined
   130.186   Running away prohibited
   130.187   Harboring a runaway youth prohibited
   130.999   Penalty