General Provisions
   91.01   Unwholesome food
   91.02   Sanitary regulations
   91.03   Watercourses
   91.04   Pools
   91.05   Refuse
   91.06   Residential or business quarters
   91.07   Illegal acts
   91.08   Drinking cups
   91.09   Serving food
   91.10   Nuisances; abatement
   91.11   Spitting
   91.12   Dense smoke
   91.13   Operation of garbage compactors
Air Pollution Control
   91.40   Title
   91.41   Purpose and intent; findings and determinations
   91.42   Definitions
   91.43   Administration and enforcement
   91.44   Emission of smoke
   91.45   Emission of atmospheric pollutants
   91.46   Emission of particulate matter
   91.47   Combustion for indirect heating
   91.48   Air Contaminant Emission Reduction Program
   91.49   Schedule of compliance
   91.50   Handling of materials susceptible to becoming wind-borne
   91.51   Burning refuse, garbage, leaves and other yard waste prohibited
   91.52   Incinerators
   91.53   Tests of fuel-burning combustion or process equipment
   91.54   Nuisance; preservation of common law rights
   91.55   Listing of pollutants and type and capacity of equipment required
   91.56   Power to enter premises for inspections
   91.57   Revocation of business license
   91.58   Allowable rate of emission based on process weight rate
Disposal and Removal of Personal Property After an Eviction
   91.70   Orderly disposal of personal property after eviction required
   91.71   Violation for failure to dispose property
   91.72   Disposal and removal by village due to landlord/owner failure to dispose property
   91.73   Fines for failure to properly dispose property
   91.74   Enforcement