Emergency Services
103.01   Purpose.
103.02   Emergency services organization created; composition.
103.03   Functions of organization.
103.04   Cooperation with State, County, Cities.
103.05   Powers and duties of Mayor.
103.06   Council President Pro Tempore authority in absence of Mayor.
103.07   Emergency Services Council.
103.08   Director appointment, term and compensation.
103.09   General duties of Director.
103.10   Emergency coordination by Director; powers and authority.
103.11   Expenditures limited.
103.12   Acceptance of gifts, etc.
103.13   Utilization of existing City services, facilities and equipment.
103.14   Political activity limited.
103.15   Employment of certain persons limited.
103.16   Oath required.
103.17   Rules and regulations executed and enforced.
103.18   Arrest without warrant.
Emergency services - see W. Va. Code Art. 15-5