Enforcement and administration of these regulations shall be as follows.
   (a)   It shall be the duty of the county planning director, herein referred to as the director, to enforce these regulations.
   (b)   The director or an authorized representative shall be charged with the following:
      (1)   Receive applications required by these regulations;
      (2)   Issue permits;
      (3)   Make necessary inspections to assure compliance; and
      (4)   Issue notices or orders as may be necessary to assure compliance.
   (c)   An application for a zoning permit shall be submitted in a form as the director may prescribe. The application shall be made by the owner or lessee, or agent of either, or the architect, engineer or builder employed in connection with the proposed work. If the application is made by a person other than the owner in fee, when required by the director, it shall be accompanied by a duly verified affidavit of the owner in fee, or the person making the application that the proposed work is authorized by the owner in fee and that the person making the application is authorized to make the application. Such shall contain the full names and addresses of the applicant and of the owner, and if the owner is a corporate body, of its responsible officers. The application shall describe briefly the proposed work and shall give additional information as may be required by the director for an intelligent understanding of the proposed work.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 23.03)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)