§ 158.453  SITE PLAN.
   Site plans shall be reviewed for the following.
   (a)   Each application for a zoning permit shall be accompanied by a site plan in accordance with § 158.372 showing the actual dimensions of the lot to be built upon, the size, shape and location of the building to be erected, and other information as may be necessary to provide for the enforcement of these regulations. A record of applications and site plans shall be kept in the office of the director.
   (b)   Nothing in these regulations shall prohibit the filing of amendments to an application or to a plan or other record accompanying same, at any time before the completion of the work for which the permit was sought. The amendments, after approval, shall be filed with and be deemed a part of the original application.
   (c)   The director or authorized representative shall examine applications for zoning permits within a reasonable time after filing. If, after examination, it appears that the proposed work will be in compliance with all applicable laws, the application shall be approved and a permit issued as soon as practicable. If the examination reveals otherwise, the application shall be rejected, with the findings attached to the application, and a copy delivered to the applicant.
   (d)   Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to prevent the director or authorized representative from issuing a zoning permit for the construction of footings before the entire plans and detailed statements of the building or structure have been submitted or approved, if adequate plans and detailed statements have been presented for the same and have been found to comply with the requirements.
   (e)   (1)   All work performed under a permit issued by the director or authorized representative shall conform to the approved application and plans, and approved amendments thereof. The location of all new construction as shown on the approved site plan, or an approved amendment thereof, shall be strictly adhered to; and
      (2)   It shall be unlawful to reduce or diminish the area of a lot or tract of which a site plan has been filed and has been used as the basis for a permit, unless a revised site plan showing the proposed change in conditions shall have been filed and approved, provided that this shall not apply when the lot is reduced by reason of a street opening or widening or other public improvement.
   (f)   Every permit issued by the director under the provisions of these regulations shall have his or her signature affixed thereto; but this shall not prevent him or her from authorizing a subordinate to affix his or her signature.
   (g)   A permit under which no work is commenced within one year after issuance shall expire by limitation.
   (h)   The director may revoke a permit or approval issued under the provisions of these regulations in case there has been any false statement or misrepresentation as to a material fact in the application or plans on which the permit or approval was based.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 23.04)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)  Penalty, see § 158.999