§ 158.235  INTENT.
   (a)   It is the intent of this district to provide flexibility from conventional zoning regulations with increased public review for PD planned development district projects in order to:
      (1)   Encourage well-planned, efficient development;
      (2)   Allow a planned and coordinated mix of land uses which are compatible and are harmonious, but previously discouraged by conventional zoning procedures;
      (3)   Encourage the redevelopment of contiguous large lot parcels into an integrated and orderly subdivision pattern, with particular attention to developing an efficient and coordinated network of internal streets;
      (4)   Promote the clustering of residential structures and other uses without increasing overall density of the development area in order to preserve unique and natural features such as woodlands, wetlands, natural drainage systems and scenic areas;
      (5)   Protect sensitive areas and areas with restrictive soil conditions within development areas through clustering of uses on land more suited for building;
      (6)   Reserve adequate public right-of-way within development areas for the eventual extension of arterial and collector streets, including proper width and spacing of the streets;
      (7)   Improve communication and cooperation among the county, townships, land developers and interested residents in the development of agricultural land and redevelopment of existing areas; and
      (8)   Development shall coincide with completion of proper municipal and utility improvements.
   (b)   It is not the intent of the PD planned development district to accommodate or encourage the development of isolated small tracts where adjoining parcels are not considered within an overall development scheme.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 13.01)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)