(a)   It is unlawful to allow any manufactured home to be occupied in a licensed manufactured home park unless the manufactured home is situated on a manufactured home space and a placement permit issued as provided in this subchapter. Only those manufactured homes constructed for thermal zone 3, as defined by Housing and Urban Development, will be issued a placement permit.
   (b)   Prior to the placement or delivery of the manufactured home in a licensed manufactured home park, every licensee shall ensure that an application signed by the park occupant for a manufactured home park placement permit is provided to the agency. The agency will cause an inspection to be made only after the placement permit is received for the manufactured home space to verify compliance of the manufactured home placement with the provisions of this chapter dealing with proper placement, premises identification, utility hookups, and skirting. A trip charge of $20.00 may be applied if the manufactured home is not placed within 30 days of placement permit issuance. The trip charge will not apply when a placement permit is canceled.
   (c)   Every manufactured home park licensee shall give to every manufactured homeowner desiring to place his or her manufactured home in the licensee’s park an application for a placement permit provided by the agency. The licensee will obtain two completed copies of the application form and will send one to the agency prior to any inspections for compliance with codes; the manufactured homeowner will have the responsibility of filing the original copy of the application with the agency and will pay a permit fee of $50 at that time.
   (d)   After January 1, 2012, a copy of the data plate for all manufactured homes will accompany the placement permit application. The data plate records are maintained by the Institute for Building Technology and Safety. If the data plate is missing or otherwise unavailable, the placement permit will not be granted.
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