The city and all of its contracting agencies, departments, and units shall include in all contracts entered into or renewed or extended provisions whereby each other contracting party agrees that:
   (a)   With respect to any and all business conducted or acts performed pursuant to the contract, the other contracting party shall be deemed an employer within the meaning of this chapter and shall be subject to the provisions of this subchapter;
   (b)   If the other contracting party fails to perform the contractual provisions, the contract may forthwith be terminated and cancelled in whole or in part by the city, and the other contracting party shall be liable for any costs or expense incurred by it in obtaining from other sources the work and services to be rendered or performed or the goods or properties to be furnished or delivered to the city under the contract so terminated or cancelled;
   (c)   Should the commission on human relations in a proceeding brought as provided in this chapter find that the contracting party has engaged in discrimination in connection with any contract and issue a cease and desist order with respect thereto, the city shall withhold up to 15% of the contract price until a time as the commission’s order has been complied with or the other contracting party has been adjudicated not guilty of discrimination;
   (d)   Other contracting party will permit access to any and all records pertaining to hiring and employment and to other pertinent data and records for the purpose of enabling the commission on human relations, its agencies or representatives, to ascertain compliance with the provisions of this chapter applicable to the other contracting party; and
   (e)   This section shall be binding on all subcontractors or suppliers.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 2.1804; 1972 Code, § 13-4; 1992 Code, § 21.5-4) (Ord. 2700, passed 8-17-1970)