(a)   The Chief of Police shall have the authority to establish, for the sole purpose of enforcing this chapter, a Meter Patrol. Such Meter Patrol shall have the right to enforce the provisions of this chapter, as more specifically set forth hereinafter, and shall have the authority to issue citations for violations thereof in a manner and form as may be provided by general law.
   (b)   The Meter Patrol is hereby authorized to enforce the following sections, subsections and paragraphs: Sections 482.02, 482.03, 482.04, 482.05(a) to (c) and (e), 482.06, 482.065(a), 482.07, 482.08, 482.09, 482.10, 482.11, 482.12, 482.13, 482.14, 482.145, 482.18, 482.19, 482.20 and 482.21.
   (c)   The Chief of Police shall appoint members to the Meter Patrol after having first determined that they are citizens of the Commonwealth and of good character and repute. Upon the appointment of such members the Chief of Police shall certify to the City Clerk the names and addresses of persons so appointed and they shall be compiled in the office of the City Clerk and open to public inspection.
   (d)   Members so appointed to the Meter Patrol shall have the right to enforce this chapter, as hereinbefore more specifically set forth, provided that they shall, while performing their duties, be dressed in a clearly identifiable uniform, the same to be determined by the Chief of Police.
   (e)   Members of the Meter Patrol, appointed as hereinbefore provided, need not be employees of the City, but may be volunteers or employees of any contractor hired by the City for the purpose of administering the City's parking program.
(Ord. 17-84. Passed 10-24-84.)