The operator of any vehicle shall pay to the cashier, upon leaving a cashier-controlled Site No. 6, 7 or 9, at the rate of twenty-five cents ($0.25) for the first half-hour, twenty-five cents ($0.25) for the second half-hour and twenty-five cents ($.25) for each additional hour, but not to exceed a rate of two dollars ($2.00) for an eight-hour period or more.
   (a)   The operator of any vehicle may present to the cashier a City of Sharon Parking Authority Validating Sticker at the rate of two stamps for each one hour of parking or one stamp and ten cents (104) for a like period.
   (b)   Upon closing of the cashier-controlled site, the cashier shall place upon any vehicle remaining on the site an envelope requiring the operator of the vehicle, upon exiting the site, to place therein fifty cents ($0.50) in coins of the United States. The envelope shall note the registration number of the vehicle, the description of the vehicle and the date and time of the use of the site.
      (1)   The cashier shall record daily all such vehicles recording all vehicles whose owner or operator complies with subsection (b) hereof and those that fail to do so within forty-eight hours after the use of the parking site.
      (2)   The Parking Authority shall report to the Bureau of Police all vehicles whose owner or operator fails to make the necessary envelope payment.
   (c)   The operator of a vehicle may purchase permits from the City of Sharon Bureau of Traffic and Parking at the following rates:
      (1)   The weekly rates for Site No. 6 shall be five dollars ($5.00).
      (2)   The monthly rates for Site Nos. 6 and 9 shall be twelve dollars ($12.00).
      (3)   In Site No. 6, a visitor to the Sharon General Hospital may purchase a weekly permit at the rate of four dollars ($4.00) renewable up to and including three weeks.
         A.   The weekly rate for a visitor may not be applied to the purchase of a monthly pass.
         B.   After the third week of the visitor's permit has passed, one week must pass before the visitor may again purchase the reduced permit.
   (d)   Council authorizes the following discount schedule for parking validations on a per year basis:
      Regular price   $14.00
      Groups of 10 through 20   13.00
      Groups of 21 through 30   12.00
      Groups of 31 and above   10.00
      Validation stamps will be sold to merchants at fifteen cents ($0.15) each. Each stamp allows one hour free parking with a two-hour maximum.
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