General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
City Employees
   51.010   Operator of Waterworks and Sewerage System Department
Use Requirements
   51.015   Unlawful disposition of wastes
   51.016   Unlawful discharge of wastes
   51.017   Unlawful construction of sewage facilities
   51.018   Mandatory sewer hookup
Private Sewage Disposal
   51.025   Prohibited unless public sanitary sewer unavailable
   51.026   Permit required; application; fee; referral
   51.027   Permit not effective until completion of work
   51.028   Recommendations to be complied with
   51.029   Private facilities to be sanitary
   51.030   Additional requirements may be imposed
   51.031   Availability of public sewers
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.040   Permit required; applications
   51.041   Unlawful discharge prohibited
   51.042   Classes of permits; inspection fee
   51.043   Additional fee when required
   51.044   Separate permit required for each excavation
   51.045   Sewer connection permit fee
   51.046   Failure to secure permit
   51.047   Capacity for additional anticipated waste load demonstrated before issuance of permit
   51.048   Cost borne by owner
   51.049   Emergency repairs
   51.050   Repairs by Sewer Department
   51.051   Prohibited connections
   51.052   Building sewer; materials; construction
Use of Public Sewers
   51.065   Storm and unpolluted waters prohibited
   51.066   Discharge of storm and unpolluted waters
   51.067   Prohibited waste
   51.068   Rejection of undesirable waste or water
   51.069   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   51.070   Predischarge facilities maintenance
   51.071   Control manhole
   51.072   Measurements; tests; analyses
   51.073   Protection from damage
   51.074   Power and authority of inspectors; inspection
   51.075   Inspection of easements
Rates and Charges
   51.088   Access to records
Wastewater Service Charges
   51.100   Basic data for wastewater service charges
   51.101   Basis for wastewater service charges
   51.102   Measurement of flow
   51.103   Debt service charge
   51.104   Basic user rate
   51.105   Surcharge rate
   51.106   Computation of surcharge
   51.107   Computation of wastewater service charge
   51.108   Industrial users; industrial cost recovery
   51.109   Billing; delinquency
   51.120   Creation of office; appointment
   51.121   Duties
   51.122   Stop order
   51.123   Entry powers
   51.998   Notice of violation
   51.999   Penalty