General Provisions
   34.001   Bad debt/uncollectible account receivable write-off policy and procedure
   34.002   Purchasing agency and purchasing agents
   34.003   Investment policy
   34.004   Deposit of funds and approval of claims
Tax Abatement Procedures
   34.015   General provisions
   34.016   Definitions
   34.017   Financial incentives
   34.018   Office development real property tax abatement
   34.019   Mixed use development real property tax abatement
   34.020   Institutional development real property tax abatement
   34.021   Industrial development real property tax abatement
   34.022   Warehouse development real property tax abatement
   34.023   Council’s authority to enlarge real property tax abatement general standards
   34.024   Personal property tax abatement
   34.025   Agreement for tax abatement
   34.026   Corporate citizenship
   34.027   Information required of applicants seeking tax abatement designation; application required
   34.028   Statement of benefits, declaratory and confirmatory resolutions required
   34.029   Review by the Tax Abatement Committee
   34.030   Design Review Committee
   34.031   Town Council’s review of declaratory resolution
   34.032   Confirmatory resolutions
   34.033   Annual review of petitions by the Council
   34.034   Failure of petitioner to comply may result in revocation of tax abatement by Town Council
   34.035   Review of tax abatement procedures by the Town Council
Excise Surtax and Wheel Tax
   34.050   Distribution of increase
Excise Food and Beverage Tax
   34.060   Imposition of tax
   34.061   Percentage of tax
   34.062   Manner of payment
   34.063   Amounts
   34.064   Establishment of fund
   34.065   Application
   34.080   Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund
   34.081   Firemen’s Pension Fund
   34.082   Motor Vehicle Highway Fund (MVH)
   34.083   Accident Report Account
   34.084   Local Road and Street Fund (LRS)
   34.085   Police Pension Fund
   34.086   2012 Storm Damage Repair Fund (#122)
   34.087   Clerk-Treasurer Employee Recognition Fund (121)
   34.088   Police Department Explorer Program Operating Fund
   34.089   County Communication Center Non-Reverting Equipment Replacement Fund
   34.090   Town Police Department Drug Buy and Covert Investigations Cash Fund
   34.091   Fire Protection Territory Equipment Replacement Fund
   34.092   Parks and Recreation Department Special Non-Reverting Operating Fund
   34.093   County Communications Center Fund (#258)
   34.094   Levy Excess Fund
   34.095   Parks and Recreation Beneficent Fund
   34.096   Rainy Day Fund
   34.097   Fire Department Beneficent Fund
   34.098   Metropolis Construction Non-Reverting Fund
   34.099   HCCC Staff Incentive Fund
   34.100   LOIT Special Distribution Fund
   34.101   Cumulative Capital Development Fund
   34.102   Bicentennial Park Special Non-Reverting Construction Fund
    34.103   Miscellaneous funds continued
   34.104   Information Technology Internal Service Fund
   34.105   Capital Leased Equipment Fund
   34.106   Nature Preserve Fund
   34.107   Hospitality District Fund
   34.108   Restricted Donation Fund
   34.109   Next Level Trails Fund
   34.110   ARP Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund
   Fee schedule, see Ch. 38
   Town policies, see Ch. 36