Town Records Policies
   36.001   Purpose
   36.002   Offices or positions affected
   36.003   Financial record requirements
   36.004   Public records requests policies
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
   36.015   Adopted
Identity Theft Prevention Program (For the Utility Billing Department)
   36.030   Purpose of the program
   36.031   Definitions
   36.032   Type of accounts and access to accounts
   36.033   Identification of red flags
   36.034   Detecting red flags
   36.035   Responding to red flags
   36.036   Program evaluation and revisions
   36.037   Administration and oversight of the program
Anti-Nepotism and Conflict of Interest Policy
   36.050   Adopted
   36.051   Conflict of interest policy
Reverse Auction Procedures
   36.065   Use of third party to conduct reverse auctions
   36.066   Transmission of notices, solicitations and specifications
   36.067   Pre-qualification of bidders
   36.068   Contents of invitation to bid
   36.069   Receiving offers
   36.070   Reverse auction bidding period
   36.071   Opening offers
   36.072   Contract award
   36.073   Purchase orders and payments
   36.074   Documentation
   36.075   Form
Internal Control Standards Policy
   36.085   Adoption of internal control standards policy
Electronic Meetings Policy
   36.090   Electronic meetings policy
   36.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Public Records Request Form