Editor's note:  Provisions of this chapter may now be superseded by regulations of the Illinois Commerce Commission.  Code users should refer to those state administrative regulations for authoritative provisions.
General Provisions
   50.01   Complaints about Gas Department
   50.02   Third party liability
   50.03   Resale
   50.04   Heating unit installation
   50.05   Construction plans to include location of gas lines and mains
   50.06   Preconstruction conferences
   50.07   Surface marking
   50.08   Identification of facilities
   50.09   Accidental exposure report
   50.10   Utility representative at site of excavation
   50.20   Supply and regulation by city
   50.21   Interruption of service or supply
   50.22   Emergency interruptions
   50.23   Application
Rates; Charges; Payments
   50.30   Definitions; rates
   50.31   Late payment
   50.32   Non payment
   50.33   Re-connection charges
   50.34   Deposit
   50.35   Connection charges
   50.36   Budget plan for bill payment
Meters and Appurtenances
   50.45   Meters required
   50.46   Separate meters for separate premises
   50.47   Meter reading results conclusive
   50.48   Testing
   50.49   Accessibility for inspection
   50.50   Damage
   50.51   Tampering
Pipes; Mains and Appurtenances; Connections
   50.60   Extension of mains
   50.61   Specifications for service connections
   50.62   Pipes in or near buildings
   50.63   Order for service lines
   50.64   Layout of lines
   50.65   Quality of pipe; inspection
Joint Municipal Gas Agency
   50.80   Agency authorized
   50.99   Penalty