General Provisions
   154.01   Purpose
   154.02   Definitions
Preliminary Plats
   154.10   Sketch plats
   154.11   Required information on preliminary plat
   154.12   Required information as to waterways excavations; waiver of regulations by city
   154.13   Standards to be met before plat may be approved
   154.14   Flood damage
   154.15   Performance bond, waterways excavation bond
   154.16   Cost of street markers
   154.17   Street lights
   154.18   Filing of preliminary plat with city; fee
   154.19   Review of preliminary plat
   154.20   Public hearing on plat by Planning and Zoning Board; approval
Final Plat
   154.30   Waterway excavations
   154.31   Design standards for waterways
   154.32   Design standards for streets and alleys
   154.33   Design standards for blocks
   154.34   Design standards for lots
   154.35   Design standards for parking areas
   154.36   Area to be set aside for parks, playgrounds, or the like
   154.37   Review, approval of final plat by city
   154.38   Acceptance of improvements by city; maintenance
   154.39   Certain property to be replatted
Construction and Use Standards
   154.45   Permit, fee required
   154.46   Streets, alleys, and the like to be paved
   154.47   Underground installation of public utilities; waiver of regulations by city
   154.48   Primary electrical feeders, cables, or wires
   154.49   Adult subdivisions; sale, rental, or lease to family with children
Excavation of Public Rights-of-Way
   154.60   Title of subchapter
   154.61   Intent of standards
   154.62   Permits required
   154.63   Emergency work
   154.64   Permit fee
   154.65   Availability of approved plans and permit
   154.66   Ownership of facilities
   154.67   Underground facilities
   154.68   Utility crossings
   154.69   Driving pipe under existing pavements (bore and jack method)
   154.70   Notice required
   154.71   Inspections, tests and certifications
   154.72   Supervision of construction
   154.73   Interruption and restoration of services
   154.74   Disposal of water from excavation
   154.75   Maintenance of traffic
   154.76   Job site safety
   154.77   Removal of pavement, drives, sidewalks, curbs and gutters
   154.78   Disposition of excavated materials
   154.79   Bracing and shoring
   154.80   Traffic and utility controls
   154.81   Backfilling and compaction in roadway
   154.82   Pits and trenches in roadway
   154.83   Narrow trenches in roadway
   154.84   Restoration of right-of-way
   154.85   Record drawings
   154.86   Abandoned facilities
   154.87   Procedure for restoration of flexible pavement
   154.99   Penalty
   Appendix: Typical Waterway Bank Slopes