TITLE ONE - General Provisions
         Chap. 101. Codified Ordinances.
         Chap. 103. Official Standards.
         Chap. 104. Self-Insurance Program.
         Chap. 105. Wards and Boundaries.
         Chap. 107. Public Meetings.
         Chap. 109. Public Records.
         Chap. 110. Credit Card Policy.
         Chap. 111. Social Media Policy.
   TITLE THREE - Legislative
         Chap. 121. Council; Clerk of Council.
         Chap. 123. Ordinances and Resolutions.
   TITLE FIVE - Administrative
         Chap. 131. Administration Generally.
         Chap. 133. Mayor.
         Chap. 135. Auditor.
         Chap. 137. Treasurer.
         Chap. 139. Director of Law.
         Chap. 141. Department of Public Safety.
         Chap. 143. Division of Police.
         Chap. 145. Division of Fire.
         Chap. 147. Division of Buildings.
         Chap. 149. Division of Civil Defense.
         Chap. 151. Department of Public Service.
         Chap. 152. Department of Community Services and Economic Development.
         Chap. 153. Division of Sewers.
         Chap. 154. Parma Community Improvement Corporation.
         Chap. 155. Division of Purchases.
         Chap. 156. Division of Public Housing.
         Chap. 157. Division of Engineering.
         Chap. 158. Division of Litter Prevention and Recycling.
         Chap. 159. Division of Refuse Disposal and Incineration.
         Chap. 161. Division of Recreation and Parks.
         Chap. 162. Housing Council.
         Chap. 163. Civil Service Commission.
         Chap. 164. Parma Public Housing Authority. (Repealed)
         Chap. 165. Boxing and Wrestling Commission. (Repealed)
         Chap. 166. Cemetery Commission.
         Chap. 167. City Records Commission.
         Chap. 168. City Planning Commission.
         Chap. 169. Health Services; Medical Examiner.
         Chap. 170. Domestic Abuse Council.
         Chap. 171. Traffic and Safety Advisory Board. (Repealed)
         Chap. 172. Narcotic Information Reward Board.
         Chap. 173. Employees Generally.
         Chap. 174. Tree Commission.
         Chap. 175. Personal Information Systems.
         Chap. 176. Data Processing Review Board.
         Chap. 177. Design Review Board.
         Chap. 178. Fair Housing Review Board.
   TITLE SEVEN - Judicial
         Chap. 179. Municipal Court.
   TITLE NINE - Taxation and Fees
         Chap. 181. Admissions Tax.
         Chap. 183. Municipal Income Tax.
         Chap. 184. Municipal Income Tax, Effective January 1, 2016.
         Chap. 185. General Fee Schedule.
         Chap. 187. Motor Vehicle License Tax.
         Chap. 189. Enterprise Zones.
         Chap. 191. Wage Enforcement.