Chap. 701. Adult Entertainment Businesses.
            Chap. 703. Amusement Places with Music.
            Chap. 707. Apartment Houses. (Repealed)
            Chap. 709. Pet Shops.
            Chap. 711. Barber Shops.
            Chap. 715. Billiards, Pool and Bowling.
            Chap. 717. Cable Television Regulations.
            Chap. 718. Concessions, Carnivals, and Fairs.
            Chap. 719. Clinics and Hospitals.
            Chap. 721. Coin-Operated Machines.
            Chap. 723. Dance Halls, Public.
            Chap. 727. Exterminating and Fumigating.
            Chap. 731. Food Establishments.
            Chap. 733. Fortunetelling and Clairvoyancy.
            Chap. 735. Frozen Desserts. (Repealed)
            Chap. 737. Garbage and Rubbish Collection.
            Chap. 738. Itinerant Vendors and Temporary Stores.
            Chap. 739. Junk Dealers, Pawnbrokers, and Secondhand Dealers.
            Chap. 741. Labor Relations.
            Chap. 749. Massage Parlors.
            Chap. 751. Motion Picture Machines.
            Chap. 752. Newspaper Dispensing Devices.
            Chap. 753. Oil and Gas Wells.
            Chap. 755. Peddlers; Itinerant Vendors; Temporary Stores. (Repealed)
            Chap. 757. Peddlers and Solicitors.
            Chap. 759. Pesticide Users.
            Chap. 763. Public Picnics.
            Chap. 767. Public Outdoor Shows.
            Chap. 771. Sale of Goods Manufactured by Blind Persons.
            Chap. 773. Sale of Irradiated Foods.
            Chap. 774. Sale of Pseudoephedrine
            Chap. 775. Solicitors and Canvassers. (Repealed)
            Chap. 776. Special Police Commissions. (Repealed)
            Chap. 777. Tattoo Operations.
            Chap. 779. Taxicabs.
            Chap. 780. Registration of Snow Plow Operators.
            Chap. 783. Trailer Rentals.
            Chap. 787. Weapons and Ammunition. (Repealed)
            Chap. 789 . Self-Storage Facilities.