(a)   No garbage, refuse or recyclable materials shall be collected by the waste contractor unless the items are placed, maintained and accumulated as designated by the Service Director. All containers shall be stored in a location that is incompliance with subsection(c) hereof. All containers shall be placed in an alley or other convenient place for collection as determined by the Service Director not more than 24hours before the designated collection day.All containers must be removed from collection places and returned to a location in compliance with subsection (c)hereofno later than the end of the designated collection day.
   (b)   All containers shall be disinfected at least monthly. If the Service Director finds evidence that this requirement has been neglected or that the container is in an unsafe condition, the Service Director shall notify the customer served at said premises and shall either collect or dispose of such container or render it safe and return it to the customer.If a container is repaired or rendered safe by the Service Director, the customer shall be chargedafee which shall reimburse the City of Oxford for the actual cost of labor and materials used.
   (c)   No person, without lawful authority, shall, for more than 24 continuous hours prior to the designated weekly collection day of such containers and such collection day, cause or allow a container, as contemplated in Chapter 931 of the Codified Ordinances of Oxford, to be placed in front of or directly next to a structure’s façade. For purposes of this section, a building’s “façade” shall be defined as a front porch, front entrance, or wall of a building which is intended to be the main face of a structure that faces a street or public right-of-way. Such containers may only be temporarily placed in such location for collection in accordance with the provisions of Section 931.03(a). No containers shall be stored in a front yard, on a front porch, or directly adjacent to a front porch or walkway. 
(Ord. 2988.  Passed 11-20-07.)