(a)    All persons within the City of Oxford shall be required to pay for garbage and refuse disposal service and recycling service provided by the City or the waste contractor except vacant or unused properties where waste disposal service is not used and where City water service has been disconnected.
   (b)    Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 931.12(a) above, the provisions of Chapter 931 shall not be applicable to Miami University or the City or Oxford, or to compactor customers contracting directly with the refuse service provider, as discussed further in Section 931.13(c).
   (c)     In the Uptown District (UP), water service customers may utilize a shared compactor in lieu of the required City of Oxford refuse service, with the following conditions.
      (1)   Shared compactor users shall be within the same block and within a ½ block distance to the compactor.
      (2)    There shall be one designated owner of the shared compactor and the owner of the compactor shall be responsible for refuse billing with the shared users.
      (3)    A signed agreement between the customer and the compactor owner shall be filed and accepted by the City before the City required refuse service can be discontinued.
      (4)     Participating in a shared compactor plan does not relieve new construction and redevelopment projects in the Uptown District from the requirements of providing space as required in Section 1141.04(j) "Trash Collection Facility" for trash facilities.
      (5)    No shared compactor arrangement shall be valid until the City Service Director has approved and agreed to the shared compactor plan and finds that it is in the best interest of the Uptown District.
         (Ord. 3212.  Passed 3-19-13.)