(a)   No person, partnership, corporation or other entity, other than the waste contractor retained by the City for the purpose of garbage and refuse collection and disposal, shall for a fee collect garbage or refuse within the City if said garbage, refuse or requested service is of the kind and nature that the waste contractor will transport and collect pursuant to the City contract.  This prohibition shall not apply to waste being transported to the City transfer station.
   (b)   The waste contractor retained by the City for the purposes of collection of recyclable materials will be compensated for all customers in the City regardless of use.  Recyclable material placed in the waste contractor's containers becomes the property of the contractor.  Nothing contained herein shall limit or prevent the transportation of recyclable materials.  The establishment of for-profit or not-for-profit buy-back centers in the City is not prohibited where recyclable materials are purchased from or donated by the public.
(Ord. 2210. Passed 1-28-92.)