(a)    No customer of any public or private premises shall permit the accumulation upon the premise of any garbage or refuse except in covered containers approved by the Service Director. Such containers shall be constructed in such manner as to be strong, not easily corrodible, rodent-proof and of a capacity of not more than 32 gallons or weighing more than 60 pounds loaded, or in a wheeled lid-attached tote (gross weight limit of 250 pounds), or in dumpster containers approved by the Service Director capable of being lifted mechanically by the waste contractor. All containers shall have tight covers, the same to be in place at all times except when garbage or refuse is being deposited or removed. In the event garbage and refuse are disposed of separately, the Service Director may require separate containers. Tree cuttings and odd articles shall be crushed and/or bundled in lengths not to exceed three feet or 50 pounds in weight. Recycling materials may be accumulated in the recycling container issued to each customer or in a larger container which is approved for garbage or refuse accumulation.
   (b)    (1)    All residential users and customers except as provided for herein within the Mile Square "Plus" area, shall be required to utilize a wheeled, lid-attached tote (waste wheeler tote) container capable of being mechanically lifted by the collection vehicle with a gross weight limit of 250 pounds.
        (2)    The wheeled lid-attached tote containers shall be obtained (monthly rental or purchased) from the waste contractor. The lid of the wheeled lid-attached tote shall be tightly closed when placed curbside in the right-of-way for collection. No residential user or customer shall allow the tote to overflow. No solid waste shall be placed on top of, next to, or around the tote.  Owner occupied properties are not required to utilize the wheeled lid-attached tote containers.
   (c)    For the purpose of Oxford Codified Ordinance Chapter 931.02, the Mile Square "Plus" area is defined as the area enclosed by, and on the exterior parameter of the intersections of East Chestnut Street and Patterson Avenue, west to West Chestnut and South Locust Streets, north to North Locust and West Sycamore Streets, east to East Sycamore Street and Tallawanda Road, south to Tallawanda Road and East High Street, east to East High Street and Patterson Avenue, and south to the intersection of Patterson Ave. and Chestnut Street.  The ancillary streets of Arrowhead Drive, Acorn Circle, Lincoln Street, North Beech Street, North Poplar Street, Homestead Avenue, Bouden Lane, North Campus Avenue, University Avenue, Cedar Drive and Silvoor Lane shall be considered as included in the Mile Square "Plus" area. 
   (d)    The required minimum number of wheeled lid-attached tote containers shall be one (1) per unit, with additional containers required based upon the maximum permitted residential occupancy. The minimum number of wheeled lid-attached tote containers required is as follows:
Maximum permitted occupancy
Waste Wheeler Tote Containers
1 - 4
5 - 8
9 - 12
13 - 16
   (e)    The City Manager shall have the authority to provide and require the property owner to pay for additional waste wheeler tote containers should any property owner be found responsible or liable for two (2) or more citations during any twelve (12) month period for violating any provision of Oxford Codified Ordinance Section 931.02.             
(Ord. 3444.  Passed 11-21-17.)