931.13  CHARGES.
   (a)       Refuse Service. Refuse Service rates and charges are located in the current City of Oxford Fee Ordinance.
   (b)       Each residential customer may dispose of up to ten (10) properly prepared containers of solid waste once per week.
   (c)     Commercial customers requiring additional garbage or refuse to be picked up which is not otherwise in the regular container shall be required to purchase a tag, which tag shall be clearly placed upon the item or bundled items which is (are) to be picked up. Tags shall cost ten dollars ($10.00) per tag. One tag shall be placed on each non-container or bundled items to be picked up. The waste contractor shall not be required to pick up multiple items unless each item or bundled item has a tag attached. It shall be a violation of Section 931.99 to remove, deface, destroy, or damage a tag.
   (d)     Any commercial customer requiring more than one scheduled refuse or recycling pickup per week will be billed by the City for each additional pickup requested at the contract cost to the City.  Unscheduled special pickups will also be billed at the contract cost to the City.
   (e)     All customers shall be charged a fee for the collection of recyclable materials which is included in the base rates. The fee is listed in the current City of Oxford Fee Ordinance.
      (1)   For residential customers, recyclable materials shall be placed in a designated 14-gallon bin unless said customer wishes to use a larger container which the customer shall provide. The customer may purchase or rent a larger container through the City, as provided by the contractor. The City will bill customers for additional recyclable pickups and containers requested by the customer at the contract cost to the City. Recyclable materials shall be placed for curbside pickup as is garbage or refuse. Each customer shall be responsible for maintenance and care of the recyclable material container, and each customer shall be charged for the cost to the City of said container should the same be lost, damaged or destroyed. Each customer will affix the service address to the recyclable materials container.
      (2)   Commercial customers will be permitted to set at curbside up to three thirty-gallon containers for recyclable materials. Each container must be clearly marked recycling. Customers may use a recycling waste wheeler or dumpster (rental or purchase). If a waste wheeler is used, the container should be placed by the customer's refuse waste wheeler or dumpster.
   (f)     A customer may have special refuse service needs, due to physical space or similar limitations, preventing them from using normal containers (example - in an alley.) The City Manager with the assistance of the Finance Director is authorized to establish rates appropriate for the volume disposed using the same volume-cost basis used for pricing standard containers.
(Ord. 3592.  Passed 10-20-20.)