General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Application of provisions
   51.003   Deposit of certain substances prohibited
   51.004   Discharges to natural outlets restricted
   51.005   Damaging or tampering with sewers
Private Sewage Disposal Systems
   51.020   General restrictions on privies, septic tanks and the like
   51.021   Requirements
   51.022   Construction
   51.023   Sanitary operation
Building Sewers; Connection to Public Sewer
   51.035   Permits for building sewers
   51.036   Responsibility for costs, construction and maintenance
   51.037   Separate building sewers required; exception
   51.038   Use of existing building sewers
   51.039   Specifications
   51.040   Connections to downspouts and the like prohibited
   51.041   Excavations
   51.042   Connection to public sewer
   51.043   Inspection of connection
Public Sewer Use
   51.055   Storm water, uncontaminated water and the like
   51.056   Prohibited discharges
   51.057   Restricted wastewater substances
   51.058   Restricted wastewater qualities
   51.059   Options of City Engineer regarding wastewater
   51.060   Pretreatment requirements
   51.061   Interceptors
   51.062   Preliminary treatment and flow- equalizing facilities maintenance
   51.063   Control manholes
   51.064   Sampling and standards
   51.065   Special agreements
Sewer Rates and Fees
   51.080   Sewer service rates
   51.081   Estimated charges in case of meter failure
   51.082   Multiple units on one meter
   51.083   Billing
   51.084   Late payment charge
   51.085   Discontinuance of water service for delinquent accounts
   51.086   Liability for charges
   51.087   Tap-in charges
   51.088   Sewer expansion and extension fee
Sewer Service Outside City Limits
   51.100   Eligibility
   51.101   Application procedures
   51.102   Rates
   51.103   Billing
   51.104   Late payment charges
   51.105   Discontinuance of service for delinquent accounts
   51.106   Liability for charges
   51.107   Payments; disposition of moneys collected
Administration and Enforcement
   51.120   Duties of City Engineer
   51.121   Right of entry; scope of inquiries
   51.122   Safety rules to be observed
   51.123   Easements
   51.124   Violations; notice; liability