The owner of any premises qualifying under § 51.100 of this chapter desiring sanitary sewer service shall make application with the city and shall submit to the city the plans and specifications for installation of collector sewers the same as is required of subdividers within the city. The owner shall also enter into an agreement with the city that the owner will abide by and comply with all ordinances of the city and regulations of the Sewer Department which pertain to sanitary sewer service for residents of the city. The owner shall also agree to pay the rate for sanitary sewer service as set forth by the City Council for sewer service outside the city limits. The agreement shall also grant the city the right of entry onto the property for inspection, service and meter reading. All subsequent owners of the property shall enter into a similar agreement when application is made to change the name of the responsible party on the records of the city.
(1999 Code, § 51.091)  (Ord. 896, passed 2-5-1979)