§ 51.041  EXCAVATIONS.
   (A)   Standards. All excavations required for the installation of a building sewer shall be open trench work unless otherwise approved by the City Engineer. Pipe laying and backfill shall be performed in accordance with ASTM specification (C12-58-T) or most current ASTM designation; except that, no backfill shall be placed until the work has been inspected.
   (B)   Guarding of excavations. All excavations for building sewer installation shall be adequately guarded with barricades and lights so as to protect the public from hazard. Streets, sidewalks, parkways and other public property disturbed in the course of the work shall be restored in a manner satisfactory to the city, and any other governmental agency affected.
(1999 Code, § 51.036)  (Ord. 818, passed 9-1-1977) Penalty, see § 10.99
   Streets and sidewalks; excavations, see §§ 98.25 through 98.28