The City Engineer shall have general supervision of the public sewers and sewage treatment plant of the city. The City Engineer shall ascertain the conditions and needs thereof and shall, from time to time, report the same to the City Council. The City Engineer shall keep proper records of the location of all sewers, “Y” branches and building sewer connections, and the condition of private sewage disposal systems and building sewers. The City Engineer shall also have other duties specifically set forth in this chapter and shall have authority to supervise the construction of private sewage disposal systems and the construction and installation of building sewers and to issue permits therefor. The City Engineer shall be responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter and unless otherwise stated, he or she is authorized to make such inspections, observations, measurements, samplings and tests as may be necessary in that regard and is authorized to enter upon any property for that purpose.
(1999 Code, § 51.140)  (Ord. 818, passed 9-1-1977)