§ 51.087  TAP-IN CHARGES.
   (A)   For a one-family residence, the tap-in charge shall be $3,000.
   (B)   For a multiple-dwelling unit, intended for occupancy of multiple persons or a family per dwelling unit, the tap-in charge shall be $3,000 for each dwelling unit.
   (C)   For hotels and motels, the tap-in charge shall be $1,200 applied to each dwelling unit.
   (D)   For facilities to be used for purposes such as dormitories, institutional housing, hospitals, assisted living, nursing homes and the like, the tap-in charge shall be $600 per bed.
   (E)   For any establishment used for a commercial purpose, not industrial in nature, a church, a school or other institution, the tap-in charge shall be the sum of $3,000 for the 3,000 square feet of its original construction. Any original construction in excess of 3,000 square feet shall result in an additional tap-in charge of $0.42 for each additional square feet of original construction over 3,000 square feet. Should subsequent additions be made to the original construction, regardless of the size of the original construction, there shall be an additional tap-in charge of $0.42 for each subsequently added square foot of construction.
   (F)   If an industrial facility or establishment other than as designated in divisions (A) through (E) above desires a sewer connection, the sewer charge shall be based on the ration of use that the facility would bear to the normal residential use, as may be determined by the City Engineer, but, in any case, no less than $3,000. In addition, for each square foot added after the original construction of the facility, there shall be an additional charge of either $0.42 for each square foot of the added construction or a charge as determined by the City Engineer in comparison of the proposed facility addition to a normal residential use.
   (G)   For any tap as described in divisions (A) through (F) above outside the corporate limits, the tap-in fee shall be, if permitted by the City Council, determined by the City Council as permission is granted for each such tap, but shall be no less than as established in § 51.102(A) of this chapter.
(1999 Code, § 51.077)  (Ord. 560, passed 8-21-1967; Ord. 818, passed 9-1-1977; Ord. 1216, passed 9-29-1986; Ord. 1800, passed 11-20-1995; Ord. 3006, passed 7-17-2000; Ord. 3417, passed 2-21-2006; Ord. 3673, passed 6-21-2010)
   Charges for tap and water service connections, see § 52.022