(A)   Required. No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connections with or opening into, use, alter or disturb any public sewer or appurtenance thereof without first obtaining a written permit from the City Engineer.
   (B)   Classes of permits.
      (1)   There shall be two classes of building sewer permits:
         (a)   For residential and commercial service; and
         (b)   For service to establishments producing industrial wastes.
      (2)   In either case, the owner or the owner’s agent shall make application on a special form furnished by the city. The permit application shall be supplemented by any plans, specifications or other information considered pertinent in the judgment of the City Engineer. A permit and inspection fee of $0 for a residential or commercial building sewer permit and $0 for an industrial building sewer permit shall be paid to the City Clerk at the time the application is filed.
(1999 Code, § 51.030)  (Ord. 818, passed 9-1-1977)  Penalty, see § 10.99