Unsafe and Unsanitary Structures
1733.01   Definitions.
1733.02   Basis of article; article is in  addition to other powers of City.
1733.03   City Building Enforcement Agency; created; composition.
1733.04   Executive officer.
1733.05   Powers and duties.
1733.06   Building declared dangerous or unfit for habitation; notice of hearing; posting placard.
1733.07   Required findings prior to issuance of order by Agency.
1733.08   Issuance of orders; recourse of City if order not complied with.
1733.09   Service, posting and filing complaints and orders.
1733.10   Appeal from order of Agency.
1733.11   Remedies are exclusive.
1733.12   Demolition of structures by owner or parties in interest.
1733.13   Costs of repairs or demolition as lien on realty; disposition of proceeds.
1733.14   Funds for administration and enforcement of article.
1733.15   Violations.
1733.16   Liability of City personnel for damages.
1733.17   Consent of property owner.
1733.18   Obtaining and preserving evidence.
Repair and closing of unsafe structures - see W. Va. Code 8-12-16
Registration of uninhabitable and vacant property - see W. Va. Code 8-12-16(a) et seq.