For the purpose of this article, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section:
   (a)   “Agency” means the Building Enforcement Agency created pursuant to this article, exercising the powers, rights and duties as hereinafter provided.
   (b)   “Dwellings”, “buildings” and “structures” means any house, dwelling, building, structure, and appurtenances regardless of character, form, designation or otherwise.
   (c)   “Officer” means the officers authorized under this article.
   (d)   “Owner” means the holder of the title in fee simple and every lien holder of record.
   (e)   “Parties in interest” means all persons who have interests of record in such dwellings, buildings, and structures, and any who are in actual possession thereof.
      (Ord. 01-002.  Passed 11-5-01.)