(A)   Construction standards.
      (1)   All proposed streets and roads shall be graded, constructed, and surfaced in accordance with the requirements of this chapter and with appropriate standards and specifications established by the State of South Carolina and Newberry County or their duly authorized agents.
      (2)    The graded property of all streets and roads shall not be less than 36 feet from center ditch line to center ditch line, providing a finished roadbed of not less than 22 feet.
      (3)   All shoulders and slopes shall be shaped, trimmed, and compacted. The construction shall be so performed that the shoulders, adjacent ditches, and slopes will, at all times, be adequately drained. All shoulders on the earth-type base course for a width of 18 inches shall be compacted. All back slopes shall be graded to a minimum of 45 degrees. Ditches or gutters emptying from cuts to embankments shall be so constructed as to avoid erosion of the embankment.
   (B)   Buried utilities. All electrical, telephone, cable TV, water-sewer, and natural gas lines shall be buried in the right-of-way at a depth of at least 36 inches off pavement.
(Ord. 124, passed 9-17-1991; Am. Ord. passed 2-5-1997; Am. Ord. passed 11-5-1997; Am. Ord. passed 1-5-2000)