§ 91.27 PAVEMENT.
   (A)   Rolling and finishing shall start at the edge and proceed toward the center, except on super elevated curves where rolling shall proceed from the lower to the upper side and continue until the aggregate are firmly set.
   (B)   Finished road shall be crowned or elevated from the shoulder to center line.
   (C)   Pavements of hot laid asphalt (plant mix) or bituminous (triple treatment) will be acceptable. All pavements shall be a minimum of 30 feet in width.
   (D)   All plant mixed asphalt paving materials shall conform to standard specifications for highway construction and shall be delivered to the spreading at a temperature as provided in the South Carolina Department of Transportation Standard Specification Book (2000 Edition).
   (E)   The surface of the mixture after compaction shall be smooth and true to establish crown and grade. Any mixture that becomes loose or broken, mixed with dirt, or in any way defective shall be removed and replaced with fresh mix which shall be immediately compacted to conform with the surrounding area. Joints between old and new pavement or between strips shall be made in such a manner as to ensure proper bond between the old and new surface.
   (F)   Bituminous surfacing shall consist of a wearing surface of applications of bituminous material and spreading of aggregate, constructed on prepared base. Emulsified asphalt shall be CRS or its equivalent and shall conform to the requirements of AASHTO.
   (G)   The following schedule shall be followed in the construction of bituminous surfacing:
      (1)   40 - 50 pounds per square yard #5 stone;
      (2)   .50 - .55 gallons per square yard CRS-2;
      (3)   28 - 32 pounds per square yard #6 M stone;
      (4)   .40 - .45 gallons per square yard CRS-2;
      (5)   14 - 17 pounds per square yard #89 M stone;
      (6)   .30 - .35 gallons per square yard CRS-2; and
      (7)   8 - 12 pounds per square yard (course creek sand or manufactured sand).
   (H)   Each layer shall be rolled immediately, with steel wheel rollers. After layers have been spread, it shall be uniformed by light brooming as each is laid to obtain a smooth surface.
   (I)   Immediately after the paving process is completed, shoulders shall be leveled to the pavement edge.
(Ord. 124, passed 9-17-1991; Am. Ord. passed 2-5-1997; Am. Ord. passed 11-5-1997; Am. Ord. passed 1-5-2000; Am. Ord. 07-37-03, passed 7-2-2003)