(A)   The final acceptance of a road by the county does not imply the road will be widened or stabilized at any time. Types of road accepted by the county shall be:
      (1)   Triple treatment; and
      (2)   Asphalt.
   (B)   No paving will be allowed on wet surfaces or when the temperature is below 45°F or shade temperature is 40°F. Paving is not permitted during the months of December, January, and February.
   (C)   Roads in existing subdivisions which have already been paved to county standards, but which have less than the required width of right-of-way, may be accepted into the county road system, upon a further determination by County Council that special circumstances exist which justify the acceptance of the road right-of-way, and that the customary right-of- way width is not readily available for acquisition.
   (D)   The developer of a subdivision may be required to sell 50% of the parcels of a subdivided tract before the county will accept the roads therein, but this requirement may be waived by Newberry County Council for good cause shown. The purpose of this provision is to keep the county from accepting financial responsibility for new roads which may be damaged by the heavy truck traffic generally associated with the development of property and construction of new homes or businesses, and which roads may need extensive, costly repairs after being exposed to such traffic.
   (E)   Concerning roads in approved subdivisions, in the event there is any material difference between the requirements of this chapter and the chapter providing standards for road acceptance and construction in subdivisions, the provisions of the subdivision regulations shall govern. The provisions of this chapter shall govern in all other situations.
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