(A)   All through roads accepted into the county road system must include easements, executed by all adjoining property owners, granting the county a road and maintenance easement 50 feet in width for the road's entire length; this width may be 40 feet for non-through roads.
      (1)   Additional easements must be granted to the county, as required, for drainage and cul-de-sac turnarounds, and to otherwise ensure the safe use and proper maintenance of the road.
      (2)   Easement dimensions will be determined by the Director of Public Works.
   (B)   Submission of appropriately executed easements, plats, deeds, or court orders concerning the road's ownership and legal disposition.
   (C)   As befitting any road's status as a public road, there shall be no barriers, chains, gates, or fences that would block any portion of the road or street, and that would restrict movement of the traveling public.
   (D)   Any developer, contractor, or grantor(s) shall provide a performance bond, certificate of deposit, or letter of credit with a 2-year warranty period, as outlined in this chapter.
   (E)   All road signs, including but not limited to, stop, speed limit, curve, yield, hill, road name, and bridge marking, must be in place.
   (F)   All utilities shall be located off the roadbed and shall not be laid in ditches or curb lanes. No portion of the roadbed shall be used for water, sewer, telephone, gas, electrical, or cable TV. All utilities shall be placed at the outermost portion of the right-of-way.
   (G)   The county may require any developer, contractor, or owner to conduct soil testing to determine the quality of soil in the roadbed and right-of-way.
   (H)   Except as provided for in § 91.34 (A), after July 31, 2007, no road shall be accepted into the county road system unless it has been paved to final specifications, including a final top coat of paving, or unless adequate provision has been made in the form of the posting of an adequate commercial bond, cash deposit or letter of credit to provide for finishing the paving of the road (see § 154.063). This bond is in addition to the surety required for the 2-year warranty period set forth in division (D) above.
   (I)   All drainage, base setting, paving, and other road construction standards shall be in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, and any other standards adopted by the county with regard to road design, construction and/or maintenance.
   (J)   The speed limit shall be posted in accordance with § 91.05.
   (K)   Mail and newspaper boxes may not project over or be located in the dedicated right-of-way.
   (L)   Roads shall not dead-end unless an acceptable cul-de-sac or turnaround is established and transferred to the county by easement.
   (M)   All blind spots shall be removed in order to provide for the efficient and safe movement of traffic.
   (N)   Each road shall be constructed in a manner that prevents water from causing a hazard to vehicles and property. Drainage pipes or ditches should be constructed to prevent erosion and flooding to the road and to adjoining property.
   (O)   The county will not accept any road right-of-way that does not connect with an existing publicly-maintained road.
   (P)   Paving must conform to CRS and AASHTO M208 standards. No paving materials shall be laid on a roadbed that is unstable.
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