(A)   Proposed streets or roads should be coordinated with the present system in the surrounding area and, where possible, should provide for the construction of existing streets or roads.
   (B)   The arrangement of streets and roads shall not cause a hardship.
   (C)   Street and road grades shall be consistent with the topography, classification, and function of the proposed road. In no case should the road or street grade exceed 12%.
   (D)   Turnarounds shall be provided at the closed end of all streets and roads and shall have a minimum of 50 feet radius. Pavement width within the turnaround shall have a minimum curb radius of 40 feet.
   (E)   No more than 2 streets shall intersect at any angle of less than 75 degrees.
   (F)   All streets and roads shall have official DOT stop signs, speed limit signs, curve, hill, bridge markings, and official Newberry County road name signs in place before Council acceptance.
   (G)   Adequate vision clearance shall be maintained at all intersections.
(Ord. 124, passed 9-17-1991; Am. Ord. passed 2-5-1997; Am. Ord. passed 11-5-1997; Am. Ord. passed 1-5-2000)