(a)   As it is Council's sole responsibility to establish the compensation of all elected officials within the City of Newark and to modify such compensation from time to time as circumstances dictate within the constraints of R.C. § 731.07, any increase in, diminishment to, or modification of the compensation package of an elected official for an upcoming term of office shall be considered and enacted by Council prior to the deadline imposed by the Board of Elections, Secretary of State or other controlling election law for the filing of Petitions of Candidacy to be considered as a candidate for election to the particular office in question. If no action to increase/diminish, or modify such compensation has been enacted by Council prior to the filing deadline set forth herein, the compensation package for such position shall remain unchanged from the then-existing structure for the forthcoming term of office.
   (b)   The elected offices contemplated by this section include:
      (1)   Mayor;
      (2)   Auditor;
      (3)   Treasurer;
      (4)   Director of Law;
      (5)   President of Council;
      (6)   Councilmembers-at-Large; and
      (7)   Ward Council Members.
(Ord. 20-01.  Passed 3-2-20.)