General Provisions
   51.001   Statement of purpose
   51.002   Definitions
Monthly Sewer Charges
   51.015   Fixed sewer charges
   51.016   Resident sewer customers
   51.017   Non-resident sewer customers
   51.018   Renfro Valley Revitalization Expansion Service Area surcharge
   51.019   Industrial Park Revitalization Expansion Service Area
   51.020   Water treatment and distribution system to pay annual debt service charges to sewer system
   51.021   Collected revenues
Connection and Connection Charges
   51.035   Sewer system customers
   51.036   Sewer systems and sewer main extensions
   51.037   Owner-made connection
   51.038   City-made connection
Rights on Payment of Connection Charges
   51.055   Entitlement and responsibility
   51.056   Connection to municipal sewer system
Fees, Charges and Billing Procedures
   51.070   Effective date for sewer charges
   51.071   Meters
   51.072   Deposit
   51.073   Owners pay connection charges and occupants pay monthly rates
   51.074   Revisions of rates
   51.075   Special rates
   51.076   Billing, collections and penalties
   51.077   Delinquency and disconnection and reconnection of water service
Records and Audits
   51.090   Collection of deposits recorded
   51.110   Notice to sewer system users