General Provisions
   53.01   Unauthorized taking of water
   53.02   Inspection of building water plumbing
   53.03   Limitation of liability
   53.04   Damage to city water system facilities
   53.05   Relocation of existing city-owned facilities
   53.06   Extension of public or private water mains
   53.07   Definitions
Water Service
   53.15   Authority to operate valves to cut on or cut off water service
   53.16   Unlawful to resell water without consent of city
   53.17   Regulation of use of bypass
   53.18   Service limits of service connections and meters defined
   53.19   Master water cut-off to be furnished by property owner
   53.20   Right of entry
Service Connections
   53.35   Size of meter for a service connection
   53.36   Application for and installation of water service connection
   53.37   Fire line service connections
   53.38   When connections required
Cross-Connection Control
   53.50   Definition
   53.51   Backflow protective devices
   53.52   Testing of backflow protective devices
Fees and Charges; Deposits
   53.65   New service
   53.66   User charges
   53.67   Discontinuance of service for nonpayment
   53.68   Statement left unpaid upon move to new location
   53.69   Payment of cost of repairs for damage to water system
Emergency Drought Response
   53.75   Declaration of policy, purpose and intent
   53.76   Non-essential water use
   53.77   Responses to moderate, severe, and extreme drought alert phases
   53.78   Water rates
   53.79   Further emergency measures
   53.80   Enforcement
   53.81   Variances
   53.82   Termination of drought alert
   53.99   Penalty