Shade Tree Commission
943.01    Definitions.
943.02    Established.
943.03    Term of office.
943.04    Officers; rules.
943.05    Compensation.
943.06    Quorum.
943.07    Commission as trustees.
943.08    Powers.
943.09    Control of trees on private property.
943.10    Treatment or destruction of trees; permit.
943.11    Trees on public property; preservation and removal.
943.12    Trees to be protected during building operations.
943.13    Moving trees; deposit; bond.
943.14    Overhanging trees on public property.
943.15    Overhanging trees on private property.
943.16    Failure to trim; notice; charges of a lien.
943.17    Trees on private property; preservation and removal.
943.18    Placing deleterious substances near trees prohibited.
943.19    Use of stone, concrete near trees; permit.
943.20    Electrical contact with trees prohibited.
943.21    Allowing animals to injure trees prohibited.
943.22    Interference with tree care prohibited.
943.23    Permits required.
943.24    General requirements for permits.
943.25    Notice to property owners; contents; service.
943.26    Computation of Village expense; billing.
943.27    Cost assessed upon failure to pay.
943.28    Assessments may be combined in one ordinance.
943.99    Penalty.
Power to regulate shade trees and shrubbery - see Ohio R.C. 715.20
Assessments for tree planting or maintenance - see Ohio R.C. 727.011