(a)    The applicant for any permit required hereunder, except the permit referred to in Section 943.19, and except as provided in subsection (c) herein, shall make application for such permit to the Shade Tree Commission specifying the particular kind of work or operation the applicant desires to perform thereunder. Such permit may be granted by the Shade Tree Commission upon and after payment of a fee, not to exceed five dollars ($5.00) per tree, according to a schedule which it may adopt.
   (b)    Such permit shall specify the particular rules and regulations and specifications pursuant to which the holder of any permit may proceed to do the work thereunder. Such permit shall be for such length of time as the Shade Tree Commission shall in each particular case determine, but in no event for more than twelve months duration. Such permit shall be revoked forthwith by the Shade Tree Commission upon proof that the terms and provisions under which such permit has been issued are being violated.
   (c)    Any proposal or request for permit which anticipates the planting or removal of ten or more trees shall also be submitted to Council for approval, if approved by the Shade Tree Commission. Council may grant approval with whatever conditions and terms attached thereto as Council may deem appropriate. Council may instruct the Shade Tree Commission, Village employees and/or contractors to supervise the implementation of any such plan or permit approved so as to insure compliance with any terms and conditions of Council.
(Ord. 87-130. Passed 9-8-87.)