(a)    When notice is given to the owner or occupant of any private property to carry out any of the provisions hereinbefore set forth, such notice shall be in writing. It shall state the particular thing which the owner is required to do and the time in which the work shall be performed. It shall contain a statement notifying such owner; what if the work order by such notice is not done according to the terms of and within the time specified in such notice, such work will be done by the Village and the entire cost thereof shall be a lien upon the private property whereon such tree stands.
   (b)    The notice shall also state that when such cost has been ascertained, the owner shall be billed therefor by the Village and the amount of such bill shall be payable in cash at the Municipal Center within thirty days from the date such bill is presented, and upon failure to pay such bill the amount thereof, together with a penalty, of five percent (5%), shall be certified to the County Auditor to be collected with the other taxes for the ensuing tax year.
(Ord. 87-130. Passed 9-8-87.)