Whenever it appears that any tree located on private property within the Village becomes infected with any parasite, insect, pest or fungus so as to threaten the scattering of such parasite, pest or fungus to trees standing in any public place, or when any tree on private property in the Village, because of decay or other condition appears apt to fall in whole or in part across any sidewalk or public place, the Shade Tree Commission shall have the discretion to notify the owner or occupant of such private property whereon such tree exists, which notice shall order such owner or occupant to spray or otherwise treat provided in such written notice. In the event that such order is not complied with as per the notice, the Village Administrator reserves the right to enter upon such private property and to spray or otherwise treat or remove such tree or infected or dangerous parts thereon, and the entire cost or portion thereof shall be a lien upon such private property and shall be billed and collected in the manner hereinafter provided.
(Ord. 87-130. Passed 9-8-87.)