(a)    In the event any work on private property ordered by the Village to be done by the owner under provisions of this chapter is not performed according to the terms of such written notice, and the Village has caused the work to be done at the expense of the owner, the Village, at the completion thereof, shall ascertain the total cost of such work and shall bill the same to the owner at his address, if it is known, otherwise to the owner in care of any person living upon or having charge of such premises. If the address of the owner or any person having charge of such premises is unknown and the premises is vacant, then the bill shall be presented by posting it in a conspicuous place upon the premises. Such shall be payable in cash at the office of the Mayor within thirty days from and after the date of its delivery or posting, as the case may be.
   (b)    In computing the entire cost, if the work has been done by contract, ten percent (10%) shall be added to the contract price as a reasonable overhead charge to pay for service of notice, inspection and other incidentals. If the work has been done by regular employees of the Village, the entire cost shall be arrived at as follows:
      (1)    The time expended thereon by such employees shall be charged at the same hourly rate that the employees' wages or salary cost the Village, plus the pro rata charge for the overhead items paid by the Village.
      (2)    The cost of all material and supplies.
      (3)    Twenty-five percent (25%) shall be added to the time cost so found as reasonable overhead charge to pay for the cost of the Village's equipment, service of notice, inspection, supervision and other incidentals.
   (c)    Any and all costs may be appealed to the Village Council.
(Ord. 87-130. Passed 9-8-87.)